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About Us

Jinhuayi Technology Co.,Ltd. is a collection of R &D,manufacturing,sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprise,specializing in the winding technology and automation solutions provider.Our products are widely used in electronic power transformers,transformer chargers,automotive electronics,coil,ignition coils,relays,inductance coil,solenoid valve coil,the coil of the stepper motor coil winding and fully automated production line equipment.

Company attaches great importance to the professional training of highly qualified people and aggregation,with a number of innovative professional designers,manufacturing engineers,has a number of good quality pre-sales,after-sales service staff.We absorb foreign advanced technology on the basis of combining practical application of customers,depending on the product category and targeted personalized design.To provide users with professional,detailed,warm and thoughtful service.

Britai’s machine uses the operating system choice,both to meet the requirements for domestic use,but also to meet the needs of foreign customers.Simple machine to operate,either by touch screen programming can also join PC programming.The key components of the machine are imported from Japan,with good rigidity,high speed,high accuracy,stability,durability,cost-effective features.

Focus on the challenges and pressures customer focus,providing a competitive coil manufacturing solutions and services to consistently create maximum value for customers is our eternal struggle for direction!

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